Beauty Test Drive: Target PixiGlow Fairy Dust Highlighter

Highlighter is makeup that sounds like it was invented by the beauty industry just to sell you more crap that you don’t need. But at least for me, once I started using a highlighter from MAC, I wondered how I lived without it. Target’s new PixiGlow Fairy Dust Highlighter  is a great new budget-friendly highlighter that I’ve been test-driving for almost two months and wholeheartedly endorse. 

Target’s PixiGlow highlighter comes in a somewhat odd packaging: it’s a Q-tip shaped swab that you dip into a tube of silvery loose powder. Since other highlighters that I’ve worn have been in powder pots (MAC) or creams/liquids (Benefit), this application process seemed bizarre to me. Was I supposed to dot the Fairy Dust on my face? Streak it across my cheek bones? Load the swap up with powder and tap it off? I’ve tried both dotting and streaking and both require blending it in with my fingers, which seems like a waste of the product. I wish the tube of Fairy Dust was shaped differently so I could dip a blush brush into it instead. However, the swab is the perfect size and shape to daub in the corners of my eyes (which makes them look larger). 

All that being said, I love this highlighter and I wear it every time I use Target’s PixiGlow face palette, which is often. It’s light, silvery hue is just enough to make my face look pretty when the light catches it; it’s especially pretty over pinkish or rose blush. You might even say it makes me feel like Tinkerbell! 


The PixiGlow line is now available on It will be available in throughout stores in March.  Come back for additional Beauty Test Drives of other products in Target’s PixiGlow line this week!

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