10 Creative Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Dinner And A Movie

Dinner and a movie is a popular dating routine for a reason: it’s got entertainment, nutritional value, and you don’t even have to talk for half the time. But just in case you’re looking for a different kind of date, something a little more unique, we compiled a list of 10 creative date ideas that are affordable, easy, and memorable. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day, really. Check ‘em out, and please share your own favorite date ideas in the comments!

1. Boudoir Photoshoot: If you and your mate are artsy types, channel that creative energy into a sexy photoshoot. Don your finest lingerie, dim the lights, and pretend you’re a French film star with a checkered past.

2. Science Museum: Nothing’s sexier than knowledge. Spend the afternoon checking out weird exhibits and learning about the solar system. Debrief over coffee afterward.

3. Pottery Painting: Before you insist that no guy would be into this, let me tell you: I have three brothers, and they all love painting pottery. So does my boyfriend. And most of my friend’s boyfriends. It’s a really fun, creative activity, and you don’t get many chances in life to personalize a chip and dip platter, so when you do, take advantage of it.

4. Make Sweet Music Together: If one or both of you already plays an instrument, have a jam session. If one of you does, have a low-stress music lesson. If neither of you do, go to a thrift store, buy two random instruments, bring them home and learn to play a song together (remember: you can never go wrong with a ukulele and bongo drums).

5. Go Outside: Even if it’s cold and rainy, bundle up, grab a thermos, and explore the great outdoors together. Stroll through a park, admire the river, check out the beach on a stormy day, or find a secret waterfall. Then head home and get warm and cozy with hot chocolate and plenty of cuddling.

6. Massages: Either book an appointment for a couples’ massage at a spa, or save money (and up the intimacy) by massaging each other at home. All you need are candles, some nice-smelling massage oil, and soothing music. Happy endings optional.

7. Wine Tasting, Cheese Tasting, or Wine And Cheese Tasting: Head to a wine store, a local winery, a cheese shop, or a gourmet grocery store, and sample some new flavors. Bring home a couple of your favorites.

8. Laser Tag: No explanation needed.

9. Day Trip: Pick a small town, roadside attraction, or natural wonder, and make a day of getting there. Make sure to hit all the road trip requirements, including: ridiculous snacks, awkwardly posed photos, lunch at a diner, and a great mix of music.

10. Bake Something Really Complicated: Combine forces to tackle a challenging recipe like souffles or croissants. If you succeed, celebrate by enjoying the fruits of your labor; if you fail, celebrate by visiting a swanky pastry shop and being fed by professionals.