Divorce Hotels Are Here

Most couples book weekend getaways to get closer to their partner. But for some, a stay at a “Divorce Hotel” will finally tear them apart forever and at a bargain price! In the Netherlands, “divorce hotels” are allowing couples to arrange divorces over the course of a weekend complete with legal documentation! During the stay, couples meet with a mediator and a series of do-it-all lawyers who split assets, agree on alimony payments and arrange visitation rights for a single fixed fee.In a country where the average divorce takes months and could leave you in the poor house (it can easily run up to five figures — yikes!), the speedy-quick process guarantees that when divorce-seeking patrons leave the hotel “all work is done.” There is also a huge perk: your separation can be finalized while you have a steak dinner and sip martinis in the lap of luxury. The man behind the plan, entrepreneur Jim Halfens, uses a number of high-end hotels, including the Carlton Ambassador Hotel in The Hague, as venues for his speed-divorcing events. 

Additionally, as a “divorce hotel” guest, you are also entitled to special attention. Staff keeps a closer eye on divorce seekers (probably to avoid suicide, homicide or battery-related lawsuits) and especially avoid asking questions like, “Did you enjoy your stay?”, which is deemed “unsuitable” for the occasion. Couples are “rigorously screened” by the hotel legal team, which does not allow husbands and wives who hate one another to the point where they cannot share the same space without fighting, to participate in the process.

If you didn’t believe it could get better, all of this action may be televised in the near future. Producers are busy pitching a documentary-style series that follows couples through the process to television networks in the US, and some are liking the idea. This may be what we need to finally get Kim Kardashian off air. But knowing her, she may get into another 72-day marriage just so she can have her 48-hour divorce televised. [Sky News]