Bigger Girls Wear Sexier Panties

Watch out for the big girls! A survey of 2,500 adults revealed some surprising statistics about the kind of underwear we buy depending on our size. Size 8 women are more likely to wear granny panties (referred to as “sensible cotton pants” in the study), while size 14 ladies are more likely to go commando. And those size 16 gals? Well, they’re busy “working it” in sexier matching sets. When it comes to making underwear choices, it seems like big girls do it better or at least “sexier.”All this chat about size and choice aside, there is one thing all panty-wearers agree on. Forty-three percent of ladies carry an extra pair of (presumably sexier) panties in our handbags, just in case we get lucky. Perhaps we’re afraid to reveal our everyday panties that may be more comfortable than titillating? Well, put your underwear fears aside. Forty percent of men questioned in the survey said they don’t care if granny or Vicky inspired their date’s underoos. So, ladies, feel free to give him a striptease while wearing your Monday Hanes … he will most likely enjoy it. [Digg]