Washington State Passes Gay Marriage Bill

Washington state’s House of Representatives voted yesterday to legalize same-sex marriage, which will make Washington the seventh state in the country to allow lesbians and gays to marry their partners.  Gay marriage is already legal in New York, Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Iowa, and New Hampshire. Both Starbucks and Microsoft, which are based out of Washington, supported the bill and Starbucks even sent a letter to their 150,000 employees asking them to support gay marriage. Governor Chris Gregoire has vowed to sign the legislation into law next week and it will go into effect 90 days later, which will be in June.

In the meantime, anti-gay marriage bigots are working to collect signatures for a referendum on a ballot box, which would force it to be voted upon next November. Opponents have to collect almost 121,000 signatures before the law goes into effect. Although considering their Bible verses and allusions to animal husbandry failed to sway Washington state’s politicians — “When you put two bulls in a pen, you don’t get a calf,” said one gay marriage opponent — I would hope Washington citizens would feel the same. 


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