Today’s Lady News: Pregnant Woman Asked To Resign

  • A pregnant woman in Connecticut was asked to resign by her employers instead of taking maternity leave. Amy Zvovushe, 31, told her employers she was pregnant on Sept. 23 and was soon told she would have to resign, as she had not been with the company for 12 months, after which she would be eligible for up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave under the federal Family Medical Leave Act. This is completely ridiculous — instead of giving her temporary and unpaid leave to give birth, they got rid of her. The person interviewed for the piece called it a “sexist irony” that the FMLA was used to fire, not protect, a working woman’s job — well put!  Fortunately, Amy Zvovushe recorded her crappy HR folks and had a lawyer contact them; as a result, she was able to take temporary leave to give birth and then return to her job. [ABC News]
  • Following a conservative “pro-family” group’s threat to boycott JC Penney for sponsoring Ellen DeGeneres’ lezbo-riffic TV program, Howard Stern has announced he will “defend her to the end” and will call on all his listeners to boycott JC Penney if they do drop Ellen.  That’s awesome. [Think Progress]
  • A Virginia courtroom is hearing testimony from friends of University of Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley Love, who was allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend George Huguely V, also a UVA lacrosse player, in May 2012. The young couple gained nationwide attention in part because George Huguely had a history of violent behavior prior to the incident.  [People]  
  • Teen pregnancy hit its lowest rate in 40 years during 2008, based on a new study out of the Guttmacher Institute. The teen pregnancy rate in ’08 was 67.8 pregnancies for every 1,000 women ages 15 to 19, which means about seven percent of teens got pregnant that year. [Guttmacher]
  • Tennessee cut off funding to Planned Parenthood clinics, which has caused an LGBT center in Memphis that partnered with a clinic to shut down its HIV testing porgram. [Advocate]
  • A school board in Suffolk, Virginia, is weighing a ban on cross-gender clothing, which it suggests “causes a disruption and/or distracts others from the educational process or poses a health or safety concern.” [Hampton Roads]
  • Politicians in Uganda addressed a bill this week which threatens life in prison for homosexual behavior (which is already illegal). A previous version of the bill called for the death penalty for being gay, which sparked an international outcry. [BBC]
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