Chelsea Handler Talks About Her Abortion At Age 16

Chelsea Handler has never hidden the fact she became pregnant at age 16 and had an abortion. But this is the first I’ve heard her describe the circumstances in more detail, like how it was her parents who encouraged her against becoming a teen mom. “They were, like, you’re getting an abortion,” Chelsea told Rosie O’Donnell on “The Rosie Show.” “I was trying to argue with them and they said, ‘you don’t understand, you’re throwing your entire life away, you’re not having a child right now, this is not what our family is about. You’re supposed to create a life for yourself. You’re supposed to enjoy your life and create a life for yourself. You’re not supposed to be raising a child and we’re certainly not going to raise it for you.'”

I’m quite surprised that a 16-year-old Chelsea seemed against having an abortion at first, which usually isn’t the narrative you hear about — usually  you hear about a pregnant teen girl who is afraid to tell her parents she wants an abortion. I’m not surprised at all, though, that Chelsea doesn’t regret not becoming a teen mom. It’s also clear from her comments that Rosie O’Donnell doesn’t believe the “Having an abortion is THE WORST THING EVER that could happen to ALL women!” hype that a lot of anti-abortion activists push.  

I would certainly say Chelsea’s parents knew better for their 16-year-old daughter than she knew for herself, seeing as Chelsea Handler is a very vocal proponent of being childless by choice. This is a good example of a time that parental involvement worked really well in a pro-choice family.  

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