Today’s Lady News: Judge Orders Abusive Husband To Take Wife To Red Lobster

  • Oh, Florida. A judge in the WTF-is-going-on-here state sentenced a man accused of shoving his wife against a sofa and grabbing her neck to take her on a date to Red Lobster and a bowling alley. No jail time! Cheddar biscuits instead! The judge called this incident “very, very minor” without any serious violence. I call this a warning sign to the wife that her husband is abusive and she should hightail it out of there. I also call this another example of this country not taking violence against women seriously. Domestic violence doesn’t have to be life-threatening for it to be troubling and if this guy gets off with a slap on the wrist (if you could call it that) this time, what’s to stop him from escalating next time?  Today it’s shoving her against a couch and grabbing her neck. What about tomorrow? Hopefully when this couple visits a marriage counselor — also a part of the man’s sentencing — the therapist can persuade the wife that no amount of lobster tails in the world excuses a partner using force against their loved one. [MSNBC]
  • Republicans, led by Speaker of the House John Boehner, are gearing up to fight the Obama administration’s decision that religiously-affiliated employers, such as schools, must cover the cost of preventative health care, such as birth control, without co-pays or deductibles. (Religious employers will be exempt.) The party line is that it’s an attack on “religious freedom.” Don’t they realize they’re foisting their religion on everyone else (and ignoring the advice of 650 doctors and medical students, including 70 self-identifying Catholics)? [Los Angeles Times]
  • Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor stopped by “Sesame Street” to mete out some justice in the case of Goldilocks versus Baby Bear. [Huffington Post]
  • Eleven quotes from Sen. Rick Santorum, who is running for the Republican nomination for president, that are worrisome for women. [TresSugar
  • Gloria Steinem on why rape must stop being used as a weapon of war. [CNN
  • Harvard professor Cornel West is throwing shade at Melissa Harris-Perry, a liberal commentator and frequent guest on “Rachel Maddow,” who just got her own show on MSNBC. My guess would be someone’s a little jealous he didn’t get offered his own show! [Clutch Magazine]
  • How to be a good ally for social justice causes in which you believe, but which don’t directly affect you. This was great for me to read and provoked a lot of thought on checking my own privilege when it comes to people of color and my LGBT friends. [Womanist Musings]
  • Florence Green, the last surviving World War I veteran, died last weekend at age 110. Florence enlisted in Britain’s Royal Air Force at age 17 — think, Sybil from “Downton Abbey” in real life! [BBC]
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