Valentine’s Day Date Inspiration: A Romantic Evening On The Couch … Alone

Who says you have to have a date on Valentine’s Day with anyone other than YOURSELF? Embrace your singledom to the extreme this V-Day. Here’s what you’ll need if you plan on getting up close and personal with your couch on February 14th.

Microwave For One. Why bother cooking an entire meal if you have to do the dishes all by yourself? Nuke your dinner, on disposable plates if possible. This book should help, but if you can’t track down a copy, you can always check out my cookbook, Recipes for Lazy People. [#2, Amazon]

Birthday Cake Truffles. The nice thing about having a microwaved meal is that you can have a super decadent dessert after. It’s not your birthday, but you can pretend like it is with a box of cake truffles. It’s like a bite of frosted rainbow birthday cake in every ball. [$16, Momofuku Store]

Incredibly Fuzzy Socks. Don’t get cold feet tonight. Keep your feet (and your heart) warm with cute, fuzzy socks. [$11.99, Urban Boundaries]

Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque. The uglier the masque looks on your face , the better. It doesn’t matter. Nobody is going to see you. [$4.71, Drugstore]

A Funny Movie. A comedy, not a romantic one. No rom coms! This is about you laughing your ass off. I recommend “The Jerk” or “Best In Show.” Or whatever you can find online/ in your DVD collection.

Deck Of Cards. You know what to do. You’re going to play solitaire while you watch the movie and wait for your masque to dry. [$9.99, Walgreens]

Bottle Of Wine Giant Glass. You’re only gonna have one glass. No biggie. With this giant glass, you don’t have to feel guilty about drinking the entire bottle of space wine. [$11.99, Vat 19]