Lady Gaga Is Launching Social Networking Site For Little Monsters

Lady Gaga, the first celebrity to register 18 million followers on Twitter, will soon launch her own social networking site devoted entirely to her fans. is still in the incubation process, but will soon be available to monsters around the globe. Future users are beckoned to register using an email address which will add them to a list to be officially invited when the site is finished

Even though the queen of outlandish fashion and LGBT activism has a digital community of followers larger than President Obama, isn’t this an audacious move? The idea of networking millions of people together to idolize and chat about a single individual seems a little digital cult-like in my opinion. I mean, this is how I envision a conversation between two “little monsters”:

Little Monster 1: “Lady Gaga sure knows how to rock a bad-ass meat dress.”

Little Monster 2: “I think that getup must have smelled horrible.” Administrator: “Lady Gaga always smells like roses!” [squishes Little Monster 2] “Carry on with the idolatry you little monsters!”

But I have to admit … I have registered for an invitation. [PopCrush]

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