Ron Paul Says Abortion Is OK If It’s An “Honest Rape”

Oh, the bounty that is What Old White Men Think You Should Be Allowed To Do With Your Uterus! This weekend, Republican presidential wannabe Ron Paul sat down with Piers Morgan and, in a departure from his usual “no abortion under any circumstances” position, said he would support abortion if the woman had been raped — but only if it was an honest rape.  

Piers Morgan asked Ron Paul if his daughters or granddaughters were raped, if he could actually look them in the eye and tell them they had to carry the pregnancy to term. “If it’s an honest rape, that individual should go immediately to the emergency room, I would give them a shot of estrogen,” said Ron Paul, who is also a doctor

Honest rape“? Did he actually go there? Oh, yeah, he actually went there. 

Now that’s messed up, but even more messed up was Piers Morgan’s follow-up question: “So you would allow them to abort the baby?”  Uh, why would Ron Paul be “allowing” his daughters or granddaughters to be doing anything with their own bodies?  

The thing I would love to know about people who claim women lie about rape all the time is whether any of them actually know someone who has lied about a rape. I know it happens. I’ve written about it. But the way some people harp on about how every women lies  about getting raped twice a year, and three times during leap year, has me convinced they do not know false rape accusations are actually less common than false reports of car theftsMs. Magazine’s blog cites research that only two to 8 percent of rape reports are untrue (compared with about 10 percent for car thefts). As the Ms. blog puts it, ” Two to 8 percent is a pretty small number to justify the climate of fear around false rape reports.” 

Also, just how does Ron Paul — or anyone who uses offensive language like “honest rape” — think that abortion providers are supposed to tell who is the victim of an “honest rape” and who is Mrs. Liarpants McLiar?  Is he suggesting that a man has to be convicted of rape first in order for a woman to terminate a pregnancy that resulted from that rape?

Of course, that belief hinges on another belief, which is that an unwanted pregnancy is a woman’s punishment.  In fact, Ron Paul is perfectly illustrating the “getting pregnant should be your punishment for being sexually active/slutty/irresponsible, young lady!” principle, which basically means other people get to tell you what to do with your body based on their moral judgments of your behavior. Unplanned pregnancy? Unwanted pregnancy? Suck it up for 18 years!  He’s even telling women if they can have an abortion, when they can do so: he says there is no “legal or medical” problem with abortion a day or so after intercourse, but “if you talk about someone coming in, saying, while I was raped, I’m seven months pregnant,” then it’s a different story.

Because, you know, that happens.

I don’t even know why this guy is getting as much air time as he is, seeing as Ron Paul has not won even one caucus in the Republican primary. Maybe it’s just to make anti-abortion folks look misinformed, discompassionate and out of touch?


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