Republican Woman Report Better Sex, But Democrats Have More Of It

Even though some conservatives only believe in sex for procreation, that doesn’t stop 53 percent of self-identified Republican women from reaching “the big O” when they get it on. A new study conducted by found that single conservative Republican ladies reported having more fulfilling sex lives than their left-wing counterparts.

Is this because liberals value quantity over quality? That’s what Match claims! Democrats are more likely to enjoy casual sex or one-night stands (46 percent) and more frequently enjoy sex in a committed, unmarried relationship (40 percent). But despite getting the most action, only 40 percent of liberal ladies claim to orgasm most of the time.  On the other hand, Republicans had the least sex of any other group polled — and were also the most likely to never have had sex at all! — but still manage to climax more often.

Let’s pretend things were just that simple: if being a Republican meant you would have more orgasms and being a Democrat meant you would have more hanky-panky overall, would you be willing to put aside your political views? Tell me what you think in the comments! [Quincy Journal]

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