Greedy Jerks Like These Are The Reason You Couldn’t Buy Jason Wu For Target This Weekend

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, I used to be quite the vintage clothing huntress. Finding a kickass sale with a few good finds in my size gave me an unbelievable cheap thrill.  Every weekend, I’d wake up early and drive to whatever estate sale promised a cache of clothing. One day, I entered a room at an estate sale and saw a woman who was picking up items of clothing indiscriminately and shoving them into bags.

“Why are you taking everything?” I asked.

“I’m selling it,” she replied, avoiding eye contact.

“Selling it where?” I asked.

“On eBay,” she said, still avoiding eye contact. BECAUSE SHE WAS ASHAMED, AS SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

That lady popped into my head this morning when I saw this video of greedy jerks, their shopping carts piled high with Jason Wu for Target at a Miami store this weekend.

Jason Wu for Target went live on at midnight on Sunday and in stores the next day.  According to Styleite, these two people snatched everything off the racks and bought it all, telling shoppers they would be reselling the pieces. (Styleite also noted that 11,419 items were marked Jason Wu for Target on eBay yesterday.)  It may be “entrepreneurial” or “opportunistic,” but it’s also extremely douchey. They’re inflating the cost of something (that didn’t cost that much to begin with!) for their own exploitative gain and more importantly, they’re ruining everyone else’s fun. They’re taking away the thrill of the hunt from shopping.

I hope these two people in Miami can’t sell most of what they bought. I hope they are stuck with 312 dresses, skirts, sweaters and purses in some kind of fashion-related “Hoarders” nightmare. It would serve them right.  


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