Gisele Bundchen Defends Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Performance

“My husband cannot f**king throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.”

– Gisele Bundchen, who sent an email to friends and family last week, asking them to pray for husband Tom Brady (quarterback for the New England Patriots) in the Super Bowl, was asked by The Insider” how she felt about Tommy’s loss and this was her response. Eek. While I’m no football expert (far from it, in fact), I do think that while what Gisele says may be true(ish?), it’s probably not appreciated by her husband’s teammates.

Now, my knowledge of football is limited to what I learned six or so years ago, when I participated in and came so close to winning our fantasy football league at my previous job at Maxim. (That is to say, I know that dudes don’t like it when you refer to as “outfits” and are resentful when you, a girl who does refer to uniforms as “outfits,” gets the number one draft pick and you actually do your research and select a solid team overall.)  And, of course, it should be noted that the New York Giants won on their own merit; but if I may join Gisele in speaking out of turn, it did sort of seem like the Patriots defense fouled things up in the second half. Also, like, Brady through some pretty awesome passes, or whatever, but no one caught ‘em at the end, when it really counted. But I can say that because I ain’t trying to make friends with no Patriots players. Gisele, on the other hand, may not receive as warm a welcome the next time she stops by practice. [Hollywood Life]