Former Teen Intern Mimi Alford Alleges Affair With JFK

Move over, Monica Lewinsky, there’s a new scandalous teen intern in town. Okay, so Mimi Alford’s alleged affair with a president — John F. Kennedy — occured more than 40 years ago, but that doesn’t make it any less salacious. According to her new memoir, Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath, Alford, now 69, had an affair with the president when she was just 18. She claims just four days into her Press Office internship, she was invited to go for a swim in the White House pool. With the president.* And that’s when the notorious womanizer pounced.

A few days later, she found herself on a “private tour” of the White House given by president. According to Alford, she lost her virginity to JFK in “Mrs. Kennedy’s quarters,” and began a months-long affair with him, which involved taking baths, swimming and lots of boning — but no kissing. “There was always a layer of reserve between us, which may explain why we never kissed,” she writes. “The wide gulf between us — the age, the power, the experience — guaranteed that our affair wouldn’t evolve into anything more serious.”

One time, Alford claims, the president’s close friend David Powers was visiting with the pair poolside. “The president swam over and whispered in my ear. ‘Mr. Powers looks a little tense,’ he said. ‘Would you take care of it?’ It was a dare, but I knew exactly what he meant. This was a challenge to give Dave Powers oral sex. I don’t think the president thought I’d do it, but I’m ashamed to say that I did . . . The president silently watched.” He later suggested she do the same thing for his younger brother, Ted Kennedy, but Alford declined. [NYPost]

Yikes. It’s not any news that JFK was such a cheating cad, but this revelation, if true, is pretty scandalous and gross. 

*We don’t offer any such perks to our interns, FYI.