15 Ways To Avoid Valentine’s Day This Year

If you are a single on Valentine’s Day—you basically have two options. You can embrace the day and make it your own. Or you can boycott. We support both options. If you choose the latter, it might not be as hard as you think. After the jump, 15 easy ways to completely opt out of Valentine’s Day this year.

  1. It’s winter, so take the opportunity to hibernate. Stay home alone all day and night on Valentine’s Day.
  2. Set your computer and phone date to February 15, as if the big day never even happened. If you have a page-a-day calendar, flip that sucker forward too.
  3. Steer clear of Hallmarks and the chocolate heart filled aisles at the drug store.
  4. Go to see a slasher movie. Trust, this is not the movie selection couples will be making.
  5. Do your taxes. Hey, you need to file them sometime.
  6. Don’t email back when friends ask you what you are up to for V-Day. Ignore, ignore, ignore.
  7. Or let your friends in on the game and make a pact not to discuss the holiday at hand.
  8. Do not go out to dinner, in the name of all things holy. If you do want to go out, think fast food or buffets—places couples will not be.
  9. Pick another holiday to celebrate, like your half-birthday or something an throw an unrelated party that evening.
  10. Don’t watch TV, unless it is shows you have already DVRed from the week before. In other words, not the Valentine’s Day episodes.
  11. Spend the day/night with someone who is too old or too young to care what day it is, like your infirm grandma or your nieces and nephews.
  12. Avoid Facebook. Or unfriend everyone in a relationship. Although that might be extreme.
  13. Go to the gym. Hey, it’ll be couple free and you won’t have to wait for the treadmill.
  14. On February 13th, do a symbolic burning of Valentine’s paraphrenelia. Consider it a cleansing.
  15. Make the day into a historical re-enactment of 300 A.D., before the holiday existed.

Are you avoiding Valentine’s Day this year?