Hair Dos: 5 Easy Tips For The Perfect Blowout

As much as we love experimenting with braids, buns, and fancy ponytails, sometimes it’s hard to beat the classic blowout. Smooth and shiny, with just enough movement and volume, this style works for any occasion and is actually pretty easy with a little practice. Here are five easy tips to make the most of your time spent with your blowdryer….

1. Start with clean hair. Unlike many intricate hairstyles that need a little natural oil, a smooth blowout works best with freshly washed locks. Hair should be damp but not dripping wet, so towel dry gently — very gently – before starting.

2. Protect hair from heat with a moisturizing treatment like leave-in conditioner, a drop of Moroccan oil, or an anti-frizz serum.

3. Separate hair into sections to avoid tangles and dry evenly. If you have long hair, separate hair into sections of bottom layers, middle layers, and top layers. Whichever section you’re working on, start drying hair at the top, aiming your blowdryer downward, and moving it from the top of the hair to the ends.

4. If you want volume, flip your head over and dry the bottom layers first. If you’re going for sleek and smooth, wrap sections of hair around a round blush as you dry.

5. The best way to combat frizz when you’re done drying? Hold a can of hairspray about 8 inches from your head and mist all over hair, then run your hands over the surface of your hair. This will smooth frizz and flyaways and finish off your look.