“What’s Your Nude?” Campaigns For More Brown Bras

If you head to the store looking for a nude bra, you’ll see shades of cream, tan, and light pink: in other words, the “nude” options are tailored predominantly to Caucasian skin tones. Tara Raines thinks it’s about time bra makers embraced a more diverse definition of nude, which is why she started the “What’s Your Nude?” campaign, and chose February 1st (the first day of African American History Month) as the official day of action. Want to support the cause? Contact your favorite bra maker and ask for more brown bras. Log on to Facebook and like the “What’s Your Nude” page (facebook.com/morebrownbras). And most importantly, spread the word! As Raines told Women’s Wear Daily: “Women of color deserve to look and feel sexy, and a big part of that is looking like ourselves.” [Madame Noire]