Style Inspiration: Sherlock Holmes

Have you guys been watching “Sherlock,” the modern-day Sherlock Holmes series on the BBC? I just started watching last week and it is, like, shockingly awesome. (Sherlockingly awesome? No. Sorry. Nevermind.) The popularity of this show combined with the recent RDJ/Jude Law movie means general Sherlock hysteria has taken over the world, and I am INTO IT. Aesthetically, Sherlock Holmes is a little Steampunk, a little academic, and totally perfect for some winter style inspiration. Click through for shopping details…

Tweed Coat: $110, Modcloth

Scarf: $27, Lori’s

Pocket Watch Necklace: $23, Etsy

Union Jack Earrings, $28, ASOS

Boots: $70, Zappos

Purple Cambridge Satchel, $214, ASOS