Lana Del Rey Snags Vogue UK Cover

Say what you will about Lana Del Rey, but one thing is for certain: all eyes are on her. In fact, the internet contention has pretty much failed to cease or even quiet since that … unforgettable SNL performance a few weeks ago. I happen to like Lana, but I take her for what she is — a billionaire’s daughter with an aggressive PR team who’s capable of throwing down a pretty catchy pop tune and laughing all the way to the bank. Her album Born to Die debuted at number one in 14 countries, and furthermore, in early January, she was signed by NEXT Model Management.

Lana’s latest venture still comes as a bit of a shock. March issues are significant for print magazines, and who will be plastered on the cover of British Vogue but the artist formerly known as Lizzy Grant? Needle-stung lips and perfectly coiffed hair extensions on blast in a yellow Louis Vuitton dress, the magazine touts “the fascinating Lana Del Rey.” Fashion purists are sure to be angered by this choice — after all, what’s the girl done to deserve this other than buy herself a record deal and a syringe full of collagen? I confess, I will definitely be picking up this issue … even if it’s just to hate read. [The Gloss]