Win This! Eco-Friendly Fashion And Beauty Boxes!

Our friends at Eco Salon have handpicked the best of the best in eco and sustainable products good for you and the environment. One lucky winner will receive the Eco Friendly Fashion Box. Kick off the new year with a pair of recycled plastic Modo Eco Sunglasses, an organic cotton T-shirt from United by Blue, and a $50 Future:Standard gift certificate. There’s all that and more; this box is filled to the brim with sustainable flare to get you looking good for 2012.

Our second lucky winner will receive the Eco Friendly Beauty Box. So how about a gorgeous watch from Sprout, an organic Clary Sage tank for working out stylishly, and some Kahina Eye Serum with organic oil to smooth away the lines? And that’s just the beginning — this box is also packed with sustainable beauty products.

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Find out more about the prize boxes after the jump!

Eco Friendly Fashion Box Prize Description: (Total Value: $642.94) This prize includes Roux Maison Laundry Detergent, Fisherman’s Daughter Organic Cotton Headbands, United by Blue Shark Fin t-shirt, Book/P.S. I Made This, Modo Eco Sunglasses, Wildlife Works’ Mraba scarf, PACT Organic Socks, Future Standard/$50 gift certificate, recycled leather tote, and AB Designs recycled bike tube earrings.

Eco Friendly Beauty Box Description: (Total Value: $400.15 ) This prize includes Sprout Watches, SHO-Bio Active Skin Healing Ointment from Therawise, Berry Plus Detergent/large one bag, Sprout Skincare Makeup Remover, Kahina Skincare Eye Serum, Mum’s Original Organic Chia, Gaiam Massage Therapy Kit, Meadow Eco-Chic yoga necklaces/3 different styles on same cord, Blissoma Refine Serum, Weleda Pomegranate Hand Cream, Nectar Essence Healing Spray, Clary sage Willow Tank, Sea Chi Organics Conditioner, and Book/Nigel Barker’s Beauty Equation. 

See the official rules here.