There’s A New Male Birth Control Option On The Horizon

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Ladies, we may possible be able to say goodbye to the Pill, patch, ring and those heinous butt injections! Scientists are about to even out the birth control playing field (that has favored men for so long) by testing what could be “an effective, inexpensive and pain-free birth control option” for men.

The procedure: a few zaps to the balls with a high-frequency ultrasound and POOF! His swimming friends who threaten your womb with gestation disappear! Well, that’s what happened to male rats in a recently published study. After each rat had two ball-zapping treatments, researchers found that the rat’s sperm count was zero and its sperm-making germ cells were eradicated. (Yay! I think?)

Scientists believe these same results may possibly translate to men, but the risks and full effects of the treatment are still unclear. I am definitely a little confused. After we detonate our partner’s sperm and sperm-producing cells, are we supposed to resurrect them at a later date with a please-friendly-sperm-come-back-to-life incantation if we decide to have babies together?

Even though the logistics haven’t quite been smoothed out, at least someone is worried about us ladies who are tired of being poked, prodded, patched and injected all in the name of baby-less sex. It is time for the men to take on some of that burden. Mr. or Ms. Researcher, keep zapping those balls and give us gals some relief soon! []

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