Today’s Lady News: Susan G. Komen Cancer Charity Halts Grants To Planned Parenthood

  • Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the charity synonymous with breast cancer research, has halted grants to Planned Parenthood — seemingly caving to pressure from anti-abortion activists who have the nationwide clinics under investigation. Susan G. Komen grants mainly were used for breast exams (and other breast health services) for women who otherwise could not afford them. But anti-abortion groups have targeted those charitable donations because some Planned Parenthood clinics also perform abortions. A CEO of a Planned Parenthood in Virginia, which received a 2010 grant from Susan G. Komen for the Cure, told the AP, “We’re kind of reeling … cancer doesn’t care if you’re pro-choice, anti-choice, progressive, conservative.” [Washington Post]
  • Meet Ava Duvernay, the first black woman to win the best director prize at Sundance for her film “Middle of Nowhere.” [ColorLines]
  • Ladybloggers: we have oh-so-many feelings. [n+1]
  • Catholic bishops are threatening not to comply with the Obama administrations decision to require religiously affiliated employers (such as schools) to cover birth control in their health care plans without co-pays. []
  • The blogger Crunktastic from the Crunk Feminist Collective on why Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer should keep her angry pointing fingers to herself. [Crunk Feminist Collective]
  • Were women’s warnings about the financial crisis ignored? [Feministing]
  • NBC Chicago says “nothing doing” to airing anti-abortion extremist Randall Perry’s bloody fetus-strewn commercial during this weekend’s Superbowl. [Mother Jones
  • Is prison worse for women? [Slate]
  • This Friday through Sunday, a punk/indie festival of female musicians called Ladyfest Boston 2012 will bring punk music, vegan doughnuts and feminism to the Cambridge YMC. []
  • The professor at Rutgers University who taught a class that examines black feminist literature through Beyoncé’s music speaks. [The L Magazine]
  • A political obituary of the late, great blues singer Etta James, who died last week. [ColorLines
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