Style Resolution: Get Dressed Every Day

OK, I know this sounds less like a grown-up style resolution and more like something a mom would put on her kindergartner’s daily chore chart, so let me explain. 

I write for The Frisky from my apartment in Portland, and working from home gives a person certain sartorial freedoms that you don’t get when you work in an office or in public. Yoga pants 24-7? Totally fine. No bra? No problem! Basically, if I wanted to wear my floor-length Celine Dion nightgown all day, I totally could. My boyfriend is away at work all day, and I don’t even have a cat to judge me.

I’m making this style resolution for a few reasons. First of all, I’ve always stood by the idea that what we wear reflects and affects how we feel, so it helps me feel productive and professional if I dress the part. Secondly, if I want to pop out for a quick walk or grab a mocha at Starbucks, it helps to be wearing actual clothes. And finally, I write a lot of stories about fashion trends and personal style–it would feel disingenuous to post about 25 Ways To Be More Fabulous while wearing spaghetti sauce-stained yoga pants. I can’t just tell other people how to look their best. I’ve gotta walk the walk.

One of the commenters on a recent “What Are We Wearing Today” post that said I seemed a little too dressed up to be working from home. That’s actually my goal, and I’m still figuring out exactly what works. Last Friday, I let myself get swept up in the idea of “Casual Friday,” which, when you work from home, is a frightening proposition. Today I’m wearing comfy jeans and a simple blouse. I might end up with outfits that are a little simpler or more casual than what I’d wear to an office job, but hey, as long as I’m getting dressed every day, mission accomplished.

Do any of you work from home? Do you make it a point to “get dressed for work” or do you just throw on whatever’s comfy? What is your go-to outfit?