New Research Suggests Cougars Have Shorter Life Spans

Consider yourself lucky, Demi Moore; you broke free from Ashton a healthier woman (just don’t smoke any more of those crazy herbs, girl). New research suggests that marrying a younger man may be a cause for increased mortality rates among women. That totally shatters my dreams of bagging a 30-year-old on my 55th birthday. It seems that if we want to have a long and healthy life, us women are better off marrying a guy our age — or at least that’s what researchers believe.

After finding that health records proved that men who married younger women increased their lifespan on average, scientists set out to find if the same results were true for women. Seems like they’re not. 

“A woman who is between seven and nine years older than her husband has a 20 percent greater mortality rate than if she were with a man the same age.”

What can this be attributed to? Researchers aren’t sure, but there is definitely much speculation. Some theorize that women in relationships with younger men may die younger because they are much more stressed out by their beaus. I could definitely see that being possible. Holding on to a young hottie, worrying about sagginess and being scrutinized by onlookers judging you as a desperate cradle robber could definitely get a little stressful. And, let’s face it, society as a whole does not give men who date younger women the same grief. [Guardian UK]