Beauty Test Drive: Target PixiGlow Fairy Face Palette

Looking pretty is all about light in the right places: that is the philosophy behind Pixi’s new PixiGlow-inspired line for Target.

And it’s a philosophy they’ve fulfilled more than admirably. I actually love their Fairy Face Palette so much that I’ve used it daily since December and I’m already fretting about whether I’ll be able to procure a new one at Target when I’ve used it all up. I’m sure it will sell out.

PixiGlow’s Fairy Face Palette is a lightweight plastic case with everything a lady needs for a simple, natural look. Petra Strand, the Swedish makeup artist behind Pixi, calls it “a whole face in a case” and that’s so true: a three-color blush palette, five lip creams, and five eye colors. At $34, it’s quite the good deal.

The baked eyeshadows are as pretty as they are shimmery. With five different colors — white, light brown, rose, milk chocolate, dark brown — a girl can mix multiple combinations for various looks. (Tips on how to put on eyeshadow here.) I’ve also dusted on the light brown eyeshadow as a bronzer in a pinch, although that only works because I’m fair-skinned.

The blush is the piece of the palette that I love love love. It’s rose-y, but neither too pink nor too red; it has a subtle shimmer looks gorgeous lightly applied. Even when I was making myself up with other makeup products, I found myself going to open my Fairy Face Palette kit just to use this blush. And the best part is that the blush brush included in the palette is high-quality. (As we all know, that is seldom true with “free” makeup brushes.) 

Last but not least, I love the PixiGlow lip creams. The five colors offer all sorts of possibilities for different looks: baby girl pink, rose, light brown, berry, and dark brown.  I’m obsessed with the rose lip cream to the point that I’m trying to find it online with Pixi’s regular line. The berry lip cream also looks good on my fair skin. The baby girl pink, unfortunately, was not my taste for makeup and I haven’t tried the other two. Perhaps I’ll combine the baby pink with the other two lip creams and hope they make something pretty? 

To be completely honest, my hopes had not been high for a Tinkerbell-inspired makeup line. At 27, I am well past the age where cartoon character, especially one from Disney, is an appealing reason to buy a product. But the PixiGlow line is not a child’s makeup line at all. Quite the contrary!  

Forget about the Tinkerbell on the cover of the palette: this Fairy Face Palette is for big girls. Keep a concealer and a foundation in your makeup bag, throw in this palette, and you’re set. On the days I’ve worn the Fairy Face Palette, my morning makeup routine is easy-peasy simple — and most important — extremely pretty.

[$34, Target

The PixiGlow line is now available on It will be available in throughout stores in February March.  Come back for additional Beauty Test Drives of other products in Target’s PixiGlow line this week!

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