Fashion By The Numbers

It’s time for your weekly dose of style stats! The couture shows in Paris this week gave us a wealth of interesting numbers involving barbecues, nipples, and airplane runways; not to mention other headlines like slipping profits for a retail behemoth and soaring ad pages for a major fashion mag. Read on to get the scoop!

1: Number of lit barbecues featured on the runways of the couture shows in Paris this week.

12: Number of exposed nipples at the couture shows (well, technically I guess it would be 24 nipples, 12 sets of nipples).

164: Length, in feet, of the runway at the Chanel show. And did we mention the show took place in a life-size reproduction of an airplane?

91: Age of Ilana, one of the sassy ladies of Advanced Style, who still makes fake eyelashes out of her own hair. Like a boss.

90: Percentage of Headwear Association voters who deemed Kate Middleton “Hat Person Of The Year.

7: Number of black eyeliners we reviewed to help you pick the best one.

298: Price, in dollars, of a bra from Victoria’s Secret’s new high-end line.

10: Number of reasons jeggings are awesome.

10: Aaannnd the number of reasons they’re not. Hmm. Tough call.

15: Percentage drop in H&M’s net profits this year.

2.33 Billion: Amount, in dollars, of net profit H&M posted this year. So don’t worry, they’re still doing OK.

442.74L: Number of ad pages in the March issue of Vogue, the highest of all the fashion glossies.