Karl Lagerfeld Outdoes Himself (Again)

I await each Chanel show with bated breath, thrilled at the prospect of Karl Lagerfeld’s latest blowout. Need you be reminded, he notoriously flew a 265-ton glacier imported from Sweden to the venue of his Autumn/Winter 2010 show. For the Spring/Summer show that preceded it, he turned the runway into a massive barn, replete with actual hay. But just how lavish is Chanel, exactly? Let’s put it this way: lavish enough to host Tuesday’s S/S 2012 couture show on a life-size plane situated in the Grand Palais.

Set designers didn’t just spend five days constructing the plane (or at least, the innards of one) from anodized aluminum. They also outfitted it with an extra-wide 164-foot aisle, 180-degree swivel seats for 250 high-profile guests, double-C monogrammed carpet, a holographic cockpit, and a slatted roof that revealed a vista of clouds.

Once again, Herr Lagerfeld brings new meaning to extravagance. I have to hand it to him; the man is unprecedented in his imagination, and he truly is larger than life … but I’m going to need some help explaining that to the millions of less fortunate he probably could have fed for years with the funds from this project. Regardless, that may not be his place, but dreaming up the most utterly grandiose of productions certainly is. [ONTD]