Bad PR Move: No Uggos Allowed At Pretty People Party

Last night, Tiffany’s held a party hosted by photographers Scott Schuman and Garance Dore. The party was DJed by Beyonce’s little sister Solange. So far, sounds like every other semi-famous people party, right? Well, except that the PR company that put on the event — some company called Epic Group — was apparently a mite bit concerned that the soiree would be too packed. So, the day of the party, they sent out the following missive…

Due to an overwhelming response for the Tiffany Event tonight, they have pre-wristbanded their VIP’s due to capacity and fire marshall issues. They will not be able to grant acces to my guests at Tiffany & Co. this evening. 

Any models who rsvp’ed will be admitted to the event, but they cannot bring any guests unless thier guests are models too.

We apologise for your inconvenience.

Ohhhhhhhh, only models. And their model friends.

But whoops! For a PR firm, sending out such an email seemed to qualify as quite a PR disaster. So, several hours later, the firm sent a follow up. You’d expect them to retract their previous statement and clarify that — oops! — some silly intern had accidentally sent that out and everyone, regardless of model contract, was invited to the party. But no. Instead:

This is a message retracting the statement from the prior email that only models will be admitted and that their guests had to be models too.

We have been informed that the best looking guests will be admitted wether [sic] they are models or not. Models can bring whoever they want to the event. We were worried that good people might be turned away at the door, but have been assured that the best looking people will have no problem.

So yes, it turns out the fashion world is just like that gross frat at your college — the one who specifically requested “no uglies” at the party. THANKS FOR CLARIFYING. []