Victoria’s Secret Launches High-End Collection

Victoria’s Secret may be the biggest mass merchandiser of lingerie, but as anyone who has worn their bras can attest to, their offerings have a tendency to be shoddy at best. Sure, the deals they do on their underwear are nice (3 for $10 is pretty much unbeatable), but VS is undeniably on the lower end of the lingerie spectrum. In fact, they don’t even sell my size, and let me tell you: it’s not that uncommon. Before I knew about the existence of other lingerie stores, when I thought Victoria’s Secret was the place for bras, sales associates squeezed me into ill-advised sizes and styles that had me looking like a child hooker. Take into account December’s revealing expose on the company’s employment of child laborers for their cotton production (while advertising their garments as fair trade, no less), and I wouldn’t be mad if I never set foot in one of those oppressively fragrant stores ever again. It seems to me like the brand must be feeling the heat of competitors, because they’ve just introduced a high-end line called The Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection. It will include “European” lace, chiffon, and embroidery on a line of bras, baby dolls, kimonos, $38 underwear, and even a corset, which will run you $298. They sold out quickly after debuting on yesterday, but the collection will hit 13 stores nationwide in June. Call me crazy, but I think I’ll keep giving my business to Figleaves. [Refinery29]