The Life Of A Sex Surrogate — Now A Feature Film

Cheryl Cohen Greene has devoted the last 40 years of her life to helping others overcome sexual discomfort and dysfunction through her work as a sex surrogate. She’s seen nearly a thousand clients in that time — some of whom she merely touches and shares affection with, others with whom she actually has intercourse  — and believes that her work has the power to change lives. Her career also had an impact on her own sex life; she met her husband Bob in 1979 when he came to her as a client, struggling with performance anxiety.

Despite Cohen Greene’s confidence in her craft, some question whether sexual surrogacy — which yes, technically involves the exchange of money for sexual services — really qualifies as a therapeutic practice. As psychoanalyst Bethany Marshall notes, “You have a person holding themselves out to be an expert or an authority figure engaging in an act that puts another person in a position of tremendous vulnerability.”

Either way, Cohen Greene’s story will soon be heading to theaters for the second time (the first time, she was featured in a 1996 documentary). The film, “The Surrogate,” was picked up at Sundance this past week. [CNN]