Marion Cotillard Is Stunning Sans Fards

Marion Cotillard is my consummate object of envy. Ethereal beauty? Check. Ridiculously handsome actor-director beau? Check. Radiant talent in strong, incredible roles, even portraying Edith Piaf herself? Check. Tack on the fact that she’s about as Gallic as they come and there you have it. My beauty-crazed, Francophile self is utterly enraptured by Marion. For an Italian Vanity Fair cover in 2010, she was photographed by Bruce Weber with her face essentially untouched by excessive studio makeup or Photoshopping. Yes, Marion went au naturel on a Vanity Fair cover and was no worse for it. That’s because she has what has to be the most flawless skin ever possessed by a human being.

Case in point: Marion was photographed arriving at a hotel yesterday here in New York, and she really appears to be wearing no makeup. Not a little bit of liner, not a touch of mascara — nothing. I would do crazy, crazy things to know this girl’s entire skincare routine. I mean, look at her face. I don’t know the exact products she uses, but she has said that she’s a huge fan and devoted user of organic French line Melvita, whose products can be ordered off their website. Unfortunately, Marion’s heavy-lidded, super-sultry baby blues are not available for purchase. [Huffington Post]