How’s Your Handwriting?

It’s National Handwriting Day! I’m not sure exactly how we are supposed to celebrate this sacred holiday, but it seemed like a good opportunity to talk about the state of our handwriting. I’m not sure about you guys, but I used to pride myself on my penmanship. I would practice diligently in elementary school, cradling the curve of my lowercase E’s just below the middle line, carefully hooking my J’s, making sure my uppercase Q’s looked sufficiently majestic. I spent years perfecting my signature. And then I learned to type, and then I started blogging, and soon my years of hard work went out the window. I don’t write much by hand anymore–pretty much just the grocery list, post-it note reminders, and thank you cards–but every time I do I’m a little shocked at the chicken scratch that emerges from my pen. My third grade self would certainly be appalled.

So, what about you? Has your handwriting held up with the advent of digital culture? How often you do write things by hand if ever? Do you still prefer pen and paper?