Debate This: 10 Reasons Jeggings Are Awesome (And 10 Reasons They’re Not)

Jeggings, the love child of jeans and leggings, are a huge point of contention in the fashion world. Some people think they’re the best thing to happen to denim since the advent of the dark wash boot cut. Others find them more offensive than mom jeans, acid wash skinny jeans, and men’s jean shorts combined. Here are 10 arguments for jeggings, and 10 arguments against. Make your own informed decision and share your opinion in the comments!

10 Reasons Jeggings Are Awesome

1. They’re freakin’ comfortable.

2. When it comes to tucking your jeans into boots, jeggings work sooo much better than regular jeans.

3. They let you sit cross-legged on your chair at work.

4. Their tight fit balances out tunics and flowy tops.

5. Black jeggings are surprisingly chic. Pair with heels, a sparkly top, and a blazer for a night out.

6. They make “fat jeans” obsolete. Seriously. Gain 5 pounds. Gain 20 pounds. Whatever. Your jeggings will still fit.

7. They’re really freakin’ comfortable.

8. Beyonce wears them, and Beyonce can do no wrong.

9. No zipper means no chance of leaving your fly down.

10. Unlike regular jeans, you could easily wear your jeggings to yoga.

…And 10 Reasons They’re Not Awesome

1. For the love of God, they’re called “jeggings.”

2. They are subtly advancing the “leggings as pants” agenda, which is harmful to the youth of America.

3. Often–not always, but often–they are really, really unflattering.

4. The amount of stretch in the fabric means they get super saggy after a couple hours.

5. Are they leggings that look like jeans or jeans that look like jeggings? I get a headache just thinking about it.

6. Sometimes they’re sold in little cardboard sleeves, in the hosiery section. Denim should not be sold in the hosiery section.

7. They’re so thin they wear out in a hot minute.

8. Two words: Camel. Toe.

9. High end denim designers are getting in on the trend, which means you can now pay $200 for, basically, a pair of leggings.

10. Did you know that acid wash jeggings exist? If the world actually ends in 2012 this is proof that we have brought it on ourselves.