6 Douchebag Luxury Goods Originally Invented To Help People

If, like most of us, you find yourself secretly hating rich people now and then, it’s probably because of the stupid and frivolous shit they buy. Even if you’re not a Marxist, you can’t help but think of the starving children of the world when you see some douchebag professional athlete sitting on his yacht, his trophy wife on the phone scheduling yet another cosmetic surgery. A whole segment of our economy is dedicated to making ridiculous shit for these shallow douchebags.

But a whole lot of lives have been saved by that ridiculous shit. For instance …

#6. Jacuzzi: Hot Tub Healing Machine

Nothing says “class” like having a Jacuzzi hot tub at your disposal. It’s the luxury of choice for orange New Jersey hood rats, young black rappers and wrinkly old white guys alike, as well as any other differently colored people who enjoy relaxing romps in bubbly hot water. Hot tubs are so universally associated with sex and decadence that we imagine the inventor as some kind of pimp granddaddy. Read more…

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