Documentary I Want To See: “Face To Facebook”

Fifty-one-year-old Illinois woman, ArLynn Presser, has taken to telling herself how normal she is. Well, maybe not normal. But not so strange in comparison to other people. That’s what she learned this year. Her 2010 New Year’s resolution was to attempt to conquer her agoraphobia by endeavoring to meet all 335 of her Facebook friends in person. For one year, ArLynn told herself, “There are no safe spots, there are no dangerous spots. There are just places I’m going and people I’m seeing.” Her “Face to Facebook” project turned into a life-changing year that spanned 12 countries and 51 cities.  Her journey, in which she learned how to open a champagne bottle with a machete and sing opera, amongst other things, is captured in this new documentary.

I think it’s particularly interesting when she says, “I want to figure out what kinds of friends I’ve got.” We don’t really know who our friends are anymore, do we? It’s weird how many Facebook friends I have and how few of them I actually spend time with. Sometimes it feels alienating to think of how few of them actually know anything about me. It’s bizarre that on my birthday, “friends” I’ve never actually met in person will wish me a happy birthday, while people who I’ve had intimate relationships with will forget. It’s mind boggling to think about the difference between my virtual social life and my real one. I remember the days pre-Facebook when making friends and maintaining friendships was a completely different game. I think this film will be an interesting look at the isolating effects of social media on our lives and what we can do as people to feel connected to others. [Oddity Central]