Today’s Lady News: 10 Anthems For A Feminist Revolution

  • This. Just this: 10 anthems for a feminist revolution, written by Amy Klen, a former guitarist for Titus Andronicus and a founder of the feminist art collective Permanent Wave. [Spinner
  • What would you do if a man who raped you requested you “friend” him on Facebook? [New York Times]
  • Conservatives are piling on Mitt Romney, the Republican frontrunner, for his past support of abortion rights — which he claims to have cast off, by the way. [Feministing]
  • On John Huntman’s daughters (Huntsman pulled out of the GOP race this week) and the politics of family. [GOOD]
  • Ten little girls I want to be when I grow up. []
  • Check out this Czech Airlines ad from the 1950s. No, that doesn’t objectify the flight attendants at all. [Copyranter]
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