The French Can Even Sexualize Friggin’ Weight Watchers Ads

First of all, we need to discuss: the French have Weight Watchers? Whatever happened to French Women Don’t Get Fat? Zut alors! Excuse me while I call Le Boyfriend toute suite to inform him of this stunning factoid, as his most beloved leisure time activity is to sneer at Americans licking Cheeto dust from between their fingers.

But of course, since France does have Weight Watchers, they will find a way to make it sexy. Super-sexy. Phallic-foods-enticingly-fed-into-glossed-and-lipsticked-mouths-super-sexy. 

See images from the French Weight Watchers campaign after the jump:

I have to admit these ads are attention-getting, although rather obtuse for a weight loss ad. They could just easily be ads for lipstick, lip gloss, or gummi worms, non?

Perhaps that’s just my American-ized opinion, though, that weight loss advertising should actually show a person’s body. If such an erotic commercial like this ran on American television, our collective heads would explode as we waddled out of Arby’s.

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