Love It Or Leave It: Hot Pink Blush

Sometimes I’m not sure if blush gets enough credit as the miracle worker of the makeup drawer, because seriously: adding a little color to your cheeks can make you look healthy when you’re sick, awake when you’re tired, and sunkissed when you’re still mucking through the dead of winter. One emerging blush trend that I’m not totally sure about, though, is hot pink. I can appreciate that it looks dramatic on the runway, but in real life? It’s a bit off-putting, no? I wouldn’t want anyone to mistake my makeup for a symptom of measles. That being said, a sheer wash of hot pink across the cheek is undeniably pretty. So, what do you think? When it comes to blush, do you like a natural flush or is bolder better? [Shown: Model at Oscar de la Renta via]