Jay-Z Laid Off Half His Rocawear Staff The Day Before Blue Ivy Was Born`

With all this talk about crystal and diamond baby gifts, lucite baby cribs and such, you’d think that Jay-Z and Beyonce would have no money troubles at all. But it seems that just as the world’s most famous new parents were totally renovating their own floor at Lenox Hill Hospital, Jay-Z laid off half of the New York staff of his clothing line Rocawear. It’s hard out there for a multi-million dollar pimp! According to the New York Department of Labor, 28 workers were laid off on January 6 — the day before Blue Ivy Carter was born — due to “economic” reasons. Perhaps it was the failure of their “Occupy All Streets” shirts — though at least the laid off employees will have something to wear if they choose to attend any upcoming Wall Street protests. Oh, sweet irony. [Animal NY]