6 Cheap, Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Office Space

As a freelance writer, I’ve worked in offices, cubicles, coffeeshops, and everywhere in between. Starting this week I’ll be writing full-time for The Frisky (yay!) [Double yay! — Editor], which means I’m back to working from home, and I’m excited to update my office space. Wherever you spend your workday, here are 6 simple ways to spruce up your space to increase productivity and decrease the 9-5 blues…

1. Fresh Flowers. A bit of an indulgence, yes, but so worth it. They look good, smell good, and just a few stems in a mason jar can instantly change the whole mood of a space. I’m partial to yellow roses myself. How about you?

2. Cut Down On Clutter. Take 15 minutes to streamline your workspace. Throw away things you never use. Put away things you don’t use that often. Organize the things you use every day. Your office will not only look better, you’ll be more productive too.

3. Well-Chosen Photos. Pick your photos wisely, especially if you have limited space to display them. Posed, pretty photos are all fine and good, but active, candid photos are much better. The photos in your work space should always put a smile on your face–choose shots that are fun but work appropriate. My office wall currently showcases travel pictures from Paris, a few photobooth strips, and a picture of my dad diving into a Florida pond to catch a water moccasin. Bonus: Interesting photos are great conversation starters.

4. Non-Work Related Artifacts. A reminder of your fabulous life outside of work is a great antidote for stressful work days. Maybe it’s a travel memento, a pinch-pot from your niece, a smooth stone from a stream in Montana. If you’re a tactile person, it’s awesome to to hold a memory in your hand, and much more powerful than a photo.

5. Inspirational Art. Whether it’s a colorful print, a favorite quote, or a mini painting, surround yourself with visual cues that inspire you. [Shown: “Never Give Up” print, $19, Etsy]

6. Nice Pens And Paper. No matter how much of your work is conducted online, you will always need pens and paper–stock up on writing utensils that look good and work well. And for the love of god, throw out all your pens that don’t work. There are few things more annoying than trying to write down an important message and every pen you grab is dried up.

How do you decorate your work space? Does your office style change depending on the kind of work you’re doing? What are your must-have office supplies?