Stalker Breaks Into Kate Bush’s Apartment With Tiffany Ring In Pocket

There is one good thing we can say about Frank Tufaro (right), the New York City artist who broke into Kate Bush’s home in England, planning to propose to the singer he’d been obsessed with for decades with a Tiffany ring. At least he has good taste?

The always-classy Daily Mail nabbed an interview with “Hound of Love” Tufaro over the weekend, and ran a photo of him proudly holding the ring he intended to give to Bush. He revealed to the paper that he has been a Kate Bush (left) fan ever since was a teenager. He is now 32.

“I feel so connected to her,” Tufaro explained. “I feel so much love for her and I want to protect her.” 

Apparently, Tufaro had the idea to propose to Bush, who just released her 10th studio album “50 Words for Snow,” over Christmas. So he bought a diamond, sapphire, and gold ring from Tiffany & Co and booked a trip to the UK, staying at the W Hotel in London before traveling to Devon, the closest town to where Bush lives. Famously reclusive Bush purchased an isolated 1920s mansion (below) a few years ago, which is perched on the side of an 100-foot cliff. Tufaro apparently spent more than $300 on the cab ride.

But setting foot on Bush’s property wasn’t quite as revelatory as Tufaro had imagined.  When he rang the doorbell, he quickly discovered no one was home.

“It was freezing cold, it was dark and I felt like I had nowhere to go,” said Tufaro. “I didn’t have a clue where I was and was convinced I was going to die there, it was so bitter and cold. I’ve never broken the law in my life and decided to break a window pane and let myself in so I wouldn’t freeze to death.”

But being inside didn’t help.

“It didn’t feel real—it felt like a set-up,” said Tufaro. “I was inside for about eight minutes before I realized I had to leave.”

Tufaro scrambled out of the house and climbed a fence onto a neighbor’s property, giving new meaning to the words “Running Up That Hill.” Bush’s neighbors called the police, who arrived by helicopter to pick up Tufaro. He was detained under the UK’s Mental Health Act and was escorted by officers back to JFK airport. There, he was handed over to the FBI.

Of course, any stalker is hugely disturbing. But I’m really glad that Tufaro was far more like Athena Marie Rolando, the girl who broke into Brad Pitt’s house and was found napping on his bed in 1999, than Robert O’Ryan, the guy who tried to  kidnap gymnastics star Shawn Johnson at gunpoint from the set of “Dancing with the Stars” a decade later. I really hope Tufaro gets the help that he needs.

Kate Bush has yet to comment on the whole Tufaro incident. That’s probably because she has better things to think about. Last week, she was nominated for the Brit Award for Best Female Solo artist, an honor she won in 1979, 1980 and 1987. Here’s hoping 2012 is also her year. “Don’t Give Up,” Kate.

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