Michelle Williams Still Imagines Ending Up With Heath Ledger Someday

“I said it would make me too sad to answer but it’s also … one of my favorite things to imagine. It’s actually one of my favorite places to visit.”

Michelle Williams’ response to the question, “Do you think there was a part of you that imagined the two of you [Michelle and Heath Ledger] would somehow end up together?” in an interview with GQ. The profile of the “My Week With Marilyn” actress is extremely raw and beautifully written, filled with plenty of tears. Of her whirlwind romance with late actor on the set of “Brokeback Mountain,” Williams says, “It’s a bit like: We had a lot of things to do, because we didn’t have a lot of time, or something.” Of those things to do? Having daughter Matilda, now six, who Williams thanked sweetly and profusely in her Golden Globes’ acceptance speech, saying Matilda’s “bravery and exuberance is the example that I take with me in my work and in my life.” 

One of the sadnesses Williams will carry with her forever is knowing Matilda won’t ever know her dad as fully as she should. “You know, as hard as certain things have been for me, it’s been harder thinking about how things will be for her. I have a lot of things that she doesn’t, and some of what I have I can give to her—the memories that I have, the objects that I have, the physical reminders that I have, the stories.” She also tells GQ that for a while she was hoping to give Matilda a sibling, one close to her own age, “But I couldn’t make that happen. And now that she’s 6 that isn’t even a possibility anymore. So something that was making me feel impatient, that’s been removed. For whatever reason, that’s not our luck, or our path.” You can read the full interview over at GQ.com. It’s fantastic. 

And now for another lovely Michelle and Heath tidbit that may or may not be true, but I like to imagine it is. According to a post and photo (below) making the rounds on Tumblr, Michelle was very insecure about her body when she was pregnant, so Heath “would often put padding under his shirt to appear pregnant as well in hopes of making his wife feel better.” Sigh. Pass the tissues, please.