What’s Your Karaoke Song?

According to some research done by the karaoke website Lucky Voice, Adele is 2011’s karaoke queen.  Her track “Someone Like You” accounted for 14 percent of all karaoke sung. And if people weren’t belting that one, 25 percent of them were singing some other Adele ditty. And not as well as she does, I presume. But that’s the fun of karaoke. The worse your pitch, the better. I have never ventured into Adele karaoke territory. Maybe next time, I’ll add “Rolling In The Deep” to my roster. I think I could kill it. After the jump, the Frisky staffers’ preferred karaoke song lists. Because everyone has a go-to karaoke song(s). What’s yours? [Daily Mail UK]


“Baby Got Back” — Sir Mix-A-Lot
“Killing Me Softly” — Roberta Flack
“Total Eclipse Of The Heart” — Bonnie Tyler
“Ice, Ice Baby” — Vanilla Ice
“Silver Springs” — Fleetwood Mac


“Photograph” — Def Leopard


“Somebody To Love” — Queen
“Walkin’ After Midnight” or “Crazy” — Patsy Cline
“You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me” — Smokey Robinson
“Simple Man” — Lynyrd Skynyrd


“I’ve never sang karaoke before.” [We’ll have to change that right away. — Editor]


“Tainted Love” — Soft Cell
“I’ll Be” — Edwin McCain
“Sweet Dreams” — Eurythmics
“My Heart Will Go On” — Celine Dion

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