It Turns Out, A Magnetic Tongue Ring Is Not Such A Good Idea

Attention, 13-year-old boys of the world: it is a bad idea to put magnets in your mouth and it is an even worse idea to swallow them.

A Brooklyn pediatrician is warning parents and kids alike that $5 fake magnetic tongue rings are a terrible idea after a 13-year-old boy accidentally swallowed his. The magnets are strong enough to tear the intestines — and God-knows-what-else on its way out the pooper — and could be fatal. (His doctor called the possible intestinal tearing the  “equivalent of a gunshot abdominal wound.” Ick.) The 13-year-old in question is having his magnets flushed out of his system, but if that doesn’t work, doctors may  need to operate. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention has warned against fake magnetic tongue rings since 2006.

I got my tongue pierced at age 16 — for real! with blood! and pain! — in my brother’s bedroom. It is definitely not a decision to make lightly but it’s not something you should try to fake, either. Oh, the joys of childhood rebellion. [NY Daily News]