Hot Links: PDA At The Golden Globes, Plus Crap Sold On Craigslist

  • Awww, check out this slideshow of super cute couples gettin’ all frisky at the Golden Globe after-parties. This photo in particular cracks me up. Ben Harper is trying to inhale Laura Dern! [TresSugar]
  • Speaking of which, apparently last night, Angelina Jolie told Brad Pitt, “You’re prettier than me.” I need context, people. Context! []
  • A male model took a naked shower during Umit Benan’s Fall 2012 show in Milan today — and here is a pic of his bare butt to prove it. []
  • Were these sex toys actually invented to make sex better? Because they sure seem like they might ruin things. [Cracked]
  • Who says you can’t rip off certain Golden Globes looks for your next date night? Here’s how! [YourTango]
  • Craigslist is overrun by people selling their old Ikea furniture, concert tickets, and the utter crap listed in this slideshow, including a broken safe and something called “critter gel.” [Stylelist Home]
  • There’s a fast food chain that’s giving “braille burgers” to blind people. [Huffington Post]
  • It’s cold outside. Here are 10 movies to watch while snuggling with your man — or your dog or your pillow, because single sisters deserve cuddles too. [College Candy]