An Imagined Conversation With This Rollerskating Model

Model: Wooohoo I love rollerskating down the boardwalk in my boardwalk romper!
Me: That does look kind of fun.
Model: And it’s only $108! Everyone should get a boardwalk romper!
Me: Well, I’m not sure about that.
Model: What’s not to love? It’s jersey! It’s carefree! Me: It’s not exactly a versatile piece.
Model: It’s great for rollerskating.
Me: Exactly. And what else?
Model: Umm … rollerblading? And lounging. And showing off a bandeau bra top.
Me: I mean, 3 figures for a jersey romper that doesn’t even cover your boobs?
Model: It’s flattering on every body type.
Me: It would make me look like Augustus Gloop. With camel toe.
Model: That wouldn’t be cute at all.
Me: Sure wouldn’t.
Model: What are you going to wear to rollerskate?
Me: A bedazzled rainbow tank top and 70s gym shorts, like a normal person.

[Boardwalk Romper, $108, Free People]