5 Self-Defense Books For Women (Who Want To Lose A Fight)

Ladies, it is time to chew bubblegum and to kick ass. And we are all out of bubblegum, kick, and ass! These are five self-defense books so bad that by the time you’re done reading them, you’ll be dead.

#5. How to Fight Back and Win: The Joy of Self-Defense by Judith Fein, Ph.D.

The Cover: The cover of this is a marker drawing of eyeballed shapes, because nothing says tough like amateur cubism. Is this the swirling hallucination your attacker sees after you ram your crutch into his groin or was there some kind of labeling mix up at the book publisher? Because if that’s the case, then somewhere out there is a book of art by death row prisoners with a really confusing karate lady on the front. Read more…