There May Be An Exercise Pill Coming Soon

Some favorable news for Amelia, who is currently figuring out how to get motivated to work out. Scientists have identified a hormone that is likely responsible for some of the positive effects that exercise has on the body. In a recent study done with mice, the hormone irisin was found to turn bad fat into good fat and make the body more receptive to glucose, which helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Levels of irisin were found to increase by 50 pecent in the blood streams of people who had been engaging in endurance training for 10 weeks. Even if this hormone at some point becomes safe for humans to take in pill form (which is highly possible), researchers aren’t advocating it as an exercise replacement. They are looking it more as an obesity or diabetes drug.

Workout pill or not, I’m never going to stop sweating it out. Why? Nothing else clears my mind quite the same way. How about you? Would you take an exercise pill? [Duh. — Editor] [Huffington Post]