Today’s Lady News: Male Reporters Dominate Campaign Trail Coverage

  • Reporters on the campaign trail are skewing heavily male, according to an examination by the Columbia Journalism Review. According to NYU journalism professor Meryl Gordon, politics reporters at newspapers, glossy magazines and blogs are mostly men, and when there are women, there is usually only one or two. This, of course, is echoed in coverage on the campaign trail. [Columbia Journalism Review]
  • Props to Jessica Ahlquist, 16, of Rhode Island, who successfully won a legal battle over a religious prayer banner which was hung in the Cranston High School West auditorium. Jessica contacted the Rhode Island chapter of the ACLU last year, which brought the case to a federal judge. Yesterday, the judge ruled that the prayer banner in a public school was indeed in violation and must immediately be removed. []
  • “Shit Homophobic People Say” — featuring quotes from actual homophobes! [YouTube]
  • On “good consent,” another term for “enthusiastic consent,” or what all of us should be doing during the sex-having. [No, Seriously, What About Teh Menz]
  • Blogger Andrea (AJ) Plaid on why she’s nearing middle age but is still a staunch advocate for reproductive rights. [Racialicious]
  • Why not everyone is laughing at “Shit White Girls Say To Black Girls.” [Clutch Magazine]
  • British soccer boss Paul Jewell is denying he made a sexist remark about a female assistant referee. [The Sun UK]
  • Meet Fatou Mandiang Diatta, a female rapper from Senegal! [Ms. Magazine]